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Touched Terra


Touched Terra was more than a mere hue; it was a celebration of the earth’s rich tones and the sky’s gentle kiss. This warm, earthy color, with its hints of terracotta and soft, sunlit undertones, brought a sense of grounding and serenity to any space. It was a reminder of the connection between the earth below and the heavens above, a perfect blend of nature’s embrace.

Product Information:
Together with Art in Return, we have developed a new paint in 12 colors, combining texture and depth.
The Earth collection consists of a base layer of HAY and a second layer of Lime Paint, creating a unique appearance.

Application Instructions:
To achieve the stunning finish characteristic of the Earth collection, you will need to use two different paint finishes: Hay and Lime Paint. Here’s how it works:

1. First, apply the Hay paint: This serves as the base layer, providing a strong foundation and initial texture.

2. Next, prepare the Lime paint by mixing it with water: Mix 1 liter of Lime paint with 1 liter of water to achieve the perfect consistency.
3. Then, apply the Lime Paint: This top layer adds depth and a sophisticated finish, resulting in the distinctive clouded effect.
Together, these two layers create a unique and beautiful wall finish that enhances any room.

Important Note
If your wall has been freshly plastered, always apply a primer first. This step is crucial because freshly plastered walls have a high suction power, which can affect the application and final appearance of the paint.

  • Matt sandblasted effect
  • 1L covers up to 7m²
  • Paint brush
  • Inside suitable
  • Dry after 12 hours

Delivery in 2-3 business days • Free delivery above €250

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